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3 Solar-Powered Irrigation Ideas to Conserve Water and Cut Electricity Costs

27 September 2016
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If you have a gardening hobby or just like your landscaping to be attractive, irrigation is an important thing. With modern solutions to conserve water, such as grey-water recycling and rain collection, there is the added component of a pump to power the irrigation. Going solar can give you green irrigation and less electricity use to make your system completely energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Here are some ideas to integrate renewable energy into the design of your landscaping irrigation. Read More …

Get The Most Out Of Your Switch To A Solar Energy System With These 3 Tips

4 August 2016
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Switching to solar energy is good for the environment, and it can be good for your wallet. If you're making the move to solar and having solar panels installed for your home, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your switch. Stay on the Grid to Sell Back Power One of the big financial benefits of having your own solar panels installed is the ability to sell the energy you don't use back to electricity providers and be paid for it. Read More …

3 Tips For Targeting Truck Drivers With Your Convenience Store

25 March 2016
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A convenience store sees a lot of different customers from different walks of life on an average day, and you want to appeal to the biggest audience possible as a convenience store owner. One audience that you can cater to is those who drive semi-trucks professionally. These individuals can purchase plenty of fuel (and other things) and can become fiercely loyal to the convenience stores that they come to like. These are a few ways that you can keep them coming in regularly. Read More …