3 Tips For Targeting Truck Drivers With Your Convenience Store

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3 Tips For Targeting Truck Drivers With Your Convenience Store

25 March 2016
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A convenience store sees a lot of different customers from different walks of life on an average day, and you want to appeal to the biggest audience possible as a convenience store owner. One audience that you can cater to is those who drive semi-trucks professionally. These individuals can purchase plenty of fuel (and other things) and can become fiercely loyal to the convenience stores that they come to like. These are a few ways that you can keep them coming in regularly.

1. Offer Good Deals on Diesel Fuel

Since truck drivers buy so much fuel, they can save money by saving just a little bit of cash on each gallon of diesel fuel that they purchase. It's worth it to strive to offer the lowest prices on diesel fuel that you can. Adding a loyalty program of some sort that allows those who buy a lot of fuel to save even more on future fill ups can also be appealing to truck drivers, and advertising fuel prices so that they can be seen from major highways can always help draw in those who drive big rigs.

2. Provide On-the-Road Accessories

Truck drivers often find that they need various accessories while they're on the road, such as CB radios and cell phone chargers that they can use in their trucks. Consider offering these types of accessories at reasonable prices. Truck drivers are sure to appreciate that they can buy what they need without having to step foot into a mass market retail store, which can take time away from their time on the road.

3. Offer the Conveniences of Home

The big rig operators who come into your convenience store might be away from home for days at a time or longer, so they need conveniences that other customers don't need. If you are looking to target this type of customer, consider installing showers on-site. Other conveniences, such as cooked-to-order food, can also be appealing to someone who has been away from the home -- and the kitchen -- for quite some time.

Bringing in truck drivers to your convenience store can be a wonderful way to boost profits and maintain a loyal customer base. If you consider these three things, you are likely to bring in a targeted audience of truck drivers who can help you boost your fuel business as they keep coming back to enjoy exceptional service.