Get The Most Out Of Your Switch To A Solar Energy System With These 3 Tips

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Get The Most Out Of Your Switch To A Solar Energy System With These 3 Tips

4 August 2016
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Switching to solar energy is good for the environment, and it can be good for your wallet. If you're making the move to solar and having solar panels installed for your home, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your switch.

Stay on the Grid to Sell Back Power

One of the big financial benefits of having your own solar panels installed is the ability to sell the energy you don't use back to electricity providers and be paid for it. To sell your solar-generated electricity, though, you need to be connected to the grid. If you're off the grid, there's no way to get the extra electricity your system creates to others. That extra electricity is essentially wasted. Thus, if you're interested in the financial benefits of having your own solar, you'll want to be on the grid so you can sell power to the energy companies.

Forgo Batteries for Your System

As long as you're staying on the grid, there's no need for batteries. Batteries are useful if you're on your own because they ensure you have electricity even when it's dark or cloudy. If you're connected to the grid, though, you can just get electricity from your energy provider if your system isn't producing enough at the moment. While you'll be charged for this electricity, the electricity you sell back might be more -- and you may not actually have to pay a monthly electric bill even though you, at times, draw power from the grid.

Additionally, you can elect to only get power from a renewable source, so the power you use from the grid won't have a negative impact on the environment. Many electric companies charge a little more for power produced by renewable sources. Since you're producing most of the electricity you use and don't need much from the grid, though, the slightly higher rate won't translate to huge electric bills.

Make Other Energy-Efficient Improvements

Ideally, you'll invest in a solar energy system that's capable of producing all the power you need. If your home isn't very energy efficient, though, you might need a large, and expensive, system. You can reduce how many solar panels you'll need -- and how much your solar energy system will cost -- by making other energy-efficient improvements that reduce your home's total energy consumption. Purchasing energy-efficient appliances, LED light bulb and insulating your home better are just a few improvements that can make a big difference. Contact a business that handles Renewable Energy Resources for more information.