Four Benefits Of Hanging High Bay Lights In Your Workshop

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Four Benefits Of Hanging High Bay Lights In Your Workshop

9 August 2019
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LED high bay lights look just like twin-tube fluorescent bay lights, except that these use LED twin-tube bulbs. There is less worry over environmental pollution because the LED variety does not contain a ton of fluorescent illumination powder that requires electricity to ignite and light. There are several other benefits to using LED bay lights in your workshop, too. 

Much Brighter and More Light

LED light outshines fluorescent light any given day of the week. It is several times brighter, and the light reaches out farther toward the corners of the room. You will find that you are more readily able to see everything in your workshop without having to squint or guess where something is because the LED light is bright enough to highlight everything.

Less Likely to Burn out Soon

LED diodes take forever to burn out. Fluorescent tubes may need replacing once every two to six months depending on how often you are working in your workshop, but LED diodes will keep burning brightly for up to five years, with the majority of these tubes lasting about three years. That saves you a ton of money on shop lighting and replacement bulbs, to be sure. 

Recyclable vs. Environmentally Damaging

LED high bay light tubes are recyclable. They are mostly glass with a little wiring and a bit of plastic. When these are broken down by a recycling plant, they can be made into new LED lights. Fluorescent tubes are damaging to the environment because of the fluorescent powder lining the tubes. To recycle these takes a lot more time, energy, and effort because the glass has to be broken, soaked in a solution to remove the fluorescent powder, and then processed as glass recycling. It is not energy-efficient, nor is it healthy or helpful to the environment.

Bay Lights Hang Easily from Any Ceiling

Bay lights designed for indoor use in a kitchen or other room of the house have made them a popular lighting option. They hang easily from any ceiling, regardless of whether that ceiling was in your home or in your workshop. They are much lighter than they look, especially when you use the LED lighting tubes in place of the fluorescent tubes, which are much heavier. Check out all of your lighting options online at a lighting retailer, and find out where you can buy the LED tubes to use in the bay lights.