Protecting a Home from Fire With Elastimold

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Protecting a Home from Fire With Elastimold

18 January 2017
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Electrical wires need to be insulated to ensure they don't start fires, but it can be easy for wires to fray and wear down over time. Homeowners who suspect their wires are frayed or are worried about this danger need to get them insulated with elastimold.

The following explains how this item will protect your home from serious electrical dangers.

Poorly Insulated Wires Are Dangerous

Poorly insulated wires can wear down over time and cause sparks. These sparks can not only cause a problematic flow of electricity in a home, but can increase a home's risk of catching fire. Statistics show that around 40,000 home fires are caused by poor electrical distribution. This danger will only increase if wires are poorly insulated.

Inspecting a home for frayed wires requires going through the areas where wires are located and checking them for insulation. Frayed wires need to be either replaced or reinsulated. Using elastimold here is a good idea for a variety of reasons. First it's a good idea to understand what an insulator is, why rubber is a good insulator, but why elastimold is preferable.

Rubber Is a Good Insulator

An insulator is a material that stops the flow of electrons and makes it difficult for electricity to pass through it. Good wires need to be insulated by a protective item and rubber has been a popular choice in the past. Rubber is not only inexpensive to make and mold, but will stop the flow of electricity. Wrapping wires in rubber will prevent sparking dangers and keep a home safe from fire.

However, rubber isn't used as often as it once was as an insulating item. A variety of other items have made it inefficient. One of these materials is elastimold. Understanding this item, and why rubber is no longer the number one insulator choice, can help a person understand why they should insulate their wires with this item.

Why Elasticmold Is Preferable

While rubber was used heavily in the past to insulate wires, elastimold and other new products have been developed that withstand heat and erosion better than rubber. Elastimold is a rubber-like item that is more flexible and resistant than old-fashioned rubber. It has become something of a replacement item for rubber when insulating wires.

Getting elastimold installed on wires requires talking to a professional who understand the process. They will walk through a home, inspect wires, strip them, and replace their insulation with elastimold. It's a process that will protect a home and keep it safe from severe fire danger. Learn more by contacting companies like Northern Power.