Save Money In Your Landscape Business Using Propane

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Save Money In Your Landscape Business Using Propane

16 September 2015
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Operating a landscaping business means being on top of the latest in mowing, grading and turf building equipment. By using the best machinery, you have greater chances of saving time and money in your business. If you are still using traditional gas-powered lawn mowers, you should have a closer look at the latest in propane powered mowers.

Propane Mowers Are Becoming More Popular

Propane gas is cheaper and lasts longer. While many consumers have not heard of propane-powered lawn mowers, they are increasingly becoming more popular due to their cost effectiveness. For landscaping companies, propane offers a great way to reducing overhead operating expenses.

Save Money With Reduced Maintenance

Running an engine using traditional fuels means you taking time out to provide maintenance that you wouldn't have to worry about if you used propane gas. For example, if you have a couple of zero-turn mowers and have only enough jobs early in the season to use one of them, the fuel in the other one will become stale while it sits in storage. Running stale fuel in your mowers can create engine problems that cost you additional money for repairs. However, you also do not want to waste the fuel you paid a high price for either. By using propane-powered mowers, you never have to worry about your fuel being stale, even after long-term storage. 

Propane Prevents Common Fuel Loss Episodes

Gas can be siphoned out of your traditional lawn mower tanks, a problem you have already had to deal with if you live and operate your business in an area of high theft. You also stand to lose a lot of gas while filling up mowers as well, spills sometimes being inevitable.  Also, you can lose expensive fuel when gas lines become worn out and leak. If you use propane gas tanks on your equipment, you never have to worry about any of these costly problems.

Making A Smaller Environmental Footprint

Gas powered lawn mowers have adverse effects on the ozone due to emissions. However, propane runs clean and does not produce the same ozone damaging byproducts as diesel and gas fuels. Making a difference in the impact your business has on the environment matters and can also help you win more customers. You may be surprised to learn how many potential customers out there would hire you simply because you care about what you are doing to protect the planet.

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